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Marcrist unveils Revolutionary Diamond Blades for Cordless Angle Grinders

Marcrist International has launched AkkuMAX, a revolutionary new range of diamond blades designed specifically for cordless angle grinders.

AkkuMAX's ultra-thin cutting edge cuts faster and delivers more cuts per battery charge than standard diamond blades.

Being ultra-thin means that it creates considerably less friction and dust, which improves air quality and provides greater visibility for the users.

View the Full Marcrist AkkuMAX range on the Marcrist website.

As with all Marcrist diamond products, AkkuMAX offers unbeatable quality for extreme long life and reduced noise. The range comprises of four different blade types, which have been designed for cutting all types of materials used on site including: ceramic, porcelain, masonry, metals, cast iron, plastics, timber and vinyls.

The range of four diamond blades ensures improved cutting precision, stability and safety, thanks to a reduction in vibration, as well as being very durable, which means it offers excellent value for money. All blades in the AkkuMAX range feature Marcrist's patented armoured steel core, giving greater safety and precision.

With the development of Lithium-ion batteries giving up to 7 times the power and charge than a traditional alkaline battery, as well as charging from flat to full in less than 45 minutes. Cordless is now preferred by most tradespeople. Marcrist developed AkkuMAX using its world-leading diamond technology because even lithium batteries are quickly sapped of power by conventional blades. The main issue with conventional cutting blades is that they are too thick and heavy, which requires more power and speed, resulting in frequent battery charges and poor quality cuts.

AkkuMAX overcomes these issues because each blade is lighter, stronger and requires less speed to make the same cut as its conventional counterpart. That means users can go longer between charges, speeding up work and saving money in the process.

Marcrist International Marketing Director Rebecca Halbeisen said "Our new AkkuMAX looks set to revolutionise the battery powered angle grinding market. It really is the most effective cutting and grinding blade in the market for cordless angle grinders. The speed and precision of cut, combined with a significantly extended battery life will make it an essential product to have on site."

The AkkuMAX range includes four types of diamond blades;

BF850 AkkuMAX – Suitable for extreme speed and ideal for universal building materials, the BF850 cuts breeze blocks, tiles, bricks, concrete, plus more with speed and accuracy. It features Marcrist's patented vibration reduction and armoured blade core too, for improved cutting precision and safety.

MC850 AkkuMAX – If it doesn't cut it, it doesn't exist. Perfect cuts every time whether you're cutting steel, copper, cast iron, natural stone or timber with a blade that's so thin you have to try it to believe it! You'll also save time and money with the MC850 because it means you don't have to go through the frustrating effort of changing a blade to match the task at hand – the MC850 does it all.

CK850 AkkuMAX – Gives precision and high speed cutting on tiles, porcelain, natural stone and granite. Like the other blades in the range the CK850 has the patented Marcrist armoured steel core, giving you greater safety and precision. The innovative X-Segment blade ensures a clean, precise cut with no tile chipping.

HW850 AkkuMAX – Perfect for plastics, wood and vinyl, the HW850 turns your angle grinder into a precision instrument. HW850 doesn't require any special blade guard, meaning you can see what you're doing for the perfect cut every time.

With the AkkuMAX range, you'll no longer need a bulky, corded angle grinder, because you'll be able to use cordless all the time for all materials. The problems of short battery life and low power as a result of heavy conventional blades sapping all the energy have finally been solved.

You can select a full range of Marcrist products, including the AkkuMAX range, from your local tool store or builders merchants.

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AkkuMAX diamond tools for cordless angle grinders flyer
AkkuMAX diamond tools for cordless angle grinders brochure

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