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BF850 Ultimate Turbo Diamond Blade

Marcrist Helps Customers To 'Hear The Difference'

Marcrist International has been a market leader in the field of diamond construction tools for over 30 years and are now launching an innovative diamond blade in the UK, the new blade offers revolutionary levels of noise reduction combined with outstanding cutting performance.

It's currently estimated that 2,000,000 people are exposed to potentially harmful levels of occupational noise and 500,000 people are already suffering due to exposure to noise at work in the UK, occupational noise has become a national epidemic.

Current UK law states that the maximum permissible noise on a building site is 87db(A), and conventional 230mm diamond blades emit between 105-107 db(A) whilst cutting.

By law the employer (including self-employed) is responsible for ensuring that this noise is controlled at source. The law clearly states that employers must use or hire noise reduced equipment, and employers who risk contravening the law are liable for compensation claims.

The current compensation levels for occupational hearing loss can be as high as £60,000.00.

View the Marcrist BF850 blade on the Marcrist website.

The groundbreaking BF850 SilentMAX not only gives the operator many advantages in blade cutting performance expected from Marcrist, with the fastest cut and longest life combination, but also reduces the potential dangers of hearing loss through the use of blades on hand held machines.

Mario Halbeisen, Chairman of Marcrist International, believes the new introduction is a major breakthrough in diamond cutting technology;

"Marcrist's R&D teams have been working furiously on technology to reduce blade noise, as it is one of the most significant issues facing diamond blade users today. Testing a large number of blades available in the UK we couldn't believe how noisy they were, some were unbearable and dangerous to health."

He added: "We also tested a number of noise reduced blades available on the market, noise was reduced but the technology used to reduce the noise detracted so much from the cutting performance that they became unacceptable."

"We now feel we've made a significant breakthrough which provides dramatic benefits to the user, other site workers, and the general public affected by the noise caused by cutting with diamond blades, whilst maintaining the high cutting performance users have come to expect from Marcrist diamond blades."

The Marcrist BF850 SilentMAX is the only blade on the market today that offers noise reduction that complies with current UK law and also gives superior cutting performance.

This blade has been independently tested by a leading EU Health & Safety Organisation (BG BAU) and they have designated the Marcrist BF850 SilentMAX blade as 'State of the Art', tests have shown the BF850 SilentMAX gives up to 16x noise reduction in the range of diameters from 115mm to 400mm.

The Marcrist BF850 SilentMAX gives the employer the opportunity to comply with the law and ensure they have taken all available steps to control noise exposure. It also ensures operators are less at risk from occupational hearing damage through the use of this new technological breakthrough.

This blade cuts quickly, precisely, has the lowest cost per cut and has a superior lifespan to other leading quality blades on the market, so much so that Marcrist offer a 30 day no quibble guarantee on this blade.

'BF850 SilentMAX - the best diamond blade with the lowest cost per cut...or your money back'

All in all, the employer and the user can't lose - the Marcrist BF850 SilentMAX ticks all the boxes.

Marcrist have long encouraged diamond blade users to 'Experience the difference' with Marcrist, now they ask you to 'Hear the difference'.

For more information on the new BF850 SilentMAX, call: 01302 890888.

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