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Hardware Fair In Cologne 2016

Phenomenal success!

Marcrist International Ltd. attended the 2016 International Hardware Fair in Cologne for the third time in a row.

"The show provided us with an excellent opportunity to showcase our market-leading, innovative products to an international market," said Marcrist's Managing Director Mario Halbeisen.

"We were astounded with the positive feedback we received. There were several points where our stand was full to capacity".

Since its formation in 1979, Marcrist has followed its primary objective of developing innovative system-solutions and market-leading diamond tools.

One of the most popular products at the exhibition was the recently launched AkkuMAX Range: diamond blades designed specifically for cordless angle grinders.

"The advantages of using cordless tools are clear," said Mario Halbeisen, "the big brands are clearly investing considerable time and money in improving the battery capabilities. However, the diamond tool market has yet to keep up".

Standard diamond blades considerably reduce the cutting capabilities of cordless angle grinders. Marcrist International is the first diamond manufacturer to develop blades specifically designed for use on cordless angle grinders.

AkkuMAX's ultra-thin cutting edge cuts faster and delivers more cuts-per-battery charge than standard diamond blades; with the added benefit of creating considerably less friction and dust, helping to improve air quality and provide greater visibility for users.

As with all Marcrist diamond products, AkkuMAX offers unbeatable quality for extreme long-life and reduced noise. The range comprises of four different blade types, which have been designed for cutting all material types used on site including: ceramic, porcelain, masonry, metals, cast iron, plastics, timber and vinyl.

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