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The New Cutting Edge for Reciprocating Saws

Marcrist has unveiled the innovative SB850 range of Reciprocating Saw Blades that offer unrivaled cutting performance.

The SB850 range represents a major breakthrough in the successful application of a diamond cutting edge onto blades for this increasingly popular type of machine.

Marcrist has made this possible by utilising its wealth of experience in the field of applying vacuum brazed diamond technology to a wide variety of different types of machine consumable. The result is a range of four blades that offer unrivalled longevity and cutting speed whilst minimising blade whip, a problem frequently associated with other manufacturers' attempts at developing diamond edged blades for reciprocating saws.

Marcrist offers two dedicated versions of the SB850, a derivative developed specifically for cutting Cast Iron, a notoriously difficult material to cut, and a universal version that is suitable for cutting the wide range of materials encountered on site.

SB850C for Cast Iron has been developed specifically with plumbing professionals in mind who often have to cut this tough material on site.

View the Marcrist SB850C saw blade on the Marcrist website.

The SB850U universal blade provides the tradesman with the ability to cut an unparalleled range of materials including concrete and blocks, wood with nails, plasterboard, insulated cladding and sheet steel, along with aluminium and plastic piping, and offers to make the process of blade selection much simpler for the professional, who can now buy one blade to cut most materials that he will encounter.

Marcrist is the first company to offer both these versions of the Reciprocating Saw Blades in 200mm and 300mm lengths. The longer, 300mm blade provides users with greater cutting capacity and the ability to cut much thicker profiles of material, especially useful for those wishing to cut large diameter pipes.

A colour coded system is used to easily identify the blades both within stockists and on site. SB850 blades with a Red body denote the Universal version, whilst a Black body identifies that the blade is for cutting cast iron.

The universal fitting on SB850 is the fitting found on most manufacturers’ machines, and is suitable for the vast majority of saws available in the UK.

In comparison to other methods of cutting site materials the SB850 generates minimal dust, and the blades have a flexible body that allows the blade to be bent in the cut to allow flush cutting.

"Our new SB850 range brings all the speed and life benefits of our proven expertise in diamond technology to the reciprocating saw blade sector," said Mario Halbeisen, International Sales and Marketing Director at Marcrist. "The blades offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of material applications, whilst the 300mm blade length addresses a specific need from customers looking to cut a wider size range of materials."

The SB850 is suitable for a range of professional tradesmen including general builders, plumbers, electricians, roofers and demolition contractors.

The SB850 carries the standard Marcrist 850 guarantee, if the end user is not totally satisfied with the performance of this product they can have their money back.

Marcrist SB850 Reciprocating Saw Blades a must for every Professional's Toolbox.

Marcrist International is a manufacturer of premium diamond products, supplying products that carry performance and money back guarantees, allowing customers to 'experience the difference' with no risk.

For more information on the innovative new SB850 Reciprocating Saw Blades from Marcrist, telephone: 01302 890888.

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