Tile X Set ? 5mm

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  • Tile X Set ? 5mm
  • Tile X Set ? 5mm

Marcrist Precision Tile X Professional Drilling Set, The world leading CD850 High RPM Precision Porcelain Drill together with performance leading MM850 multi material, multi construction drill in one set to make porcelain and tile drilling quick and easy

RRP From £11.45 (£13.74 inc. VAT)

CD850 drills Grade 5 porcelain with pinpoint accuracy, no slip or wander, no coolant required. MM850 the world's best multi construction drill to finish the hole once you are through the tile. The combined performance of the two is simply awesome!


Features & Benefits:

  • All inspiring quality with a sensational cost saving
  • Money back if you are not totally satisfied
  • CD850 is by far the best precision drill for drilling porcelain tiles with cordless machines at 1250 - 1450 RPM
  • MM850 AkkuMAX multi construction / multi material drill drills almost anything rotary or with percussion; concrete, wood, brick, natrual stone, aluminium, fibreglass
  • Together they make the drilling of fixing holes in porcelain quick, easy and inexpensive

Technical Details

Guarantee This product is covered by our unique "Performance Guarantee" - The best diamond tool you have ever used or your money back! More Info
Speed/Life Rating
CE Standard EN

Part No.


Chuck Type


496.504.005 005mm HEX £11.45 (£13.74 inc. VAT)
496.504.006 006mm HEX £11.95 (£14.34 inc. VAT)
496.504.007 007mm HEX £13.45 (£16.14 inc. VAT)
496.504.008 008mm HEX £13.95 (£16.74 inc. VAT)


Diamond Sharpening Stone
350.100.0006 - £9.00 (£10.80 inc. VAT) - More Info >>

Can be used with:

Dependent upon your machine type & manufacturer depends on which bore, configuration, back-end, thread or drive you require.

Suitable for:

Plastics, PVC, Tiles, All Tiles Of All Thickness, Natural Stone Tiles, Tiles <20mm, Mosaic, Marble And Slate, Porcelain