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PC850 Diamond Percussion Cores

Marcrist makes an impact with PC850 Diamond Percussion Cores

Marcrist has launched the PC850, an innovative new dry diamond percussion core that makes drilling large diameter holes in all types of masonry quicker and easier.

The PC850 will therefore be an essential addition for electricians and plumbers or anyone involved in the installation of piping and ventilation systems.

Until now, dry diamond core drilling has only been possible with drilling machines operating on rotary.

PC850 Dry Diamond Percussion Cores users can pilot drill with percussion action and do not have to switch to rotary action only before the diamond segments hit the material, being able to maintain this uninterrupted percussion action through both pilot hole and diamond drill phases result in faster, easier drilling of large diameter holes in all types of masonry materials.

View theĀ Marcrist PC850 core on the Marcrist website.

PC850 Dry Diamond Percussion Cores will work on most manufacturers' percussion drilling machines, and have been launched in conjunction with the new Marcrist DDM1 compact lightweight diamond drilling machine.

The new diamond segment has a turbo formation for increased drilling speed which, when combined with the percussion action, provides unbeatable speeds through masonry materials.

PC850 Dry Diamond Percussion Cores not only provide exceptional diamond drilling speed but also life. In tests, the new diamond percussion core has achieved up to 300 holes on general building materials.

"The PC850 is the first dry diamond core range in the market that is able to pilot drill and diamond drill using percussion in one uninterrupted operation," said Mario Halbeisen, International Sales and Marketing Director at Marcrist. "On hard engineering bricks the drilling speed is incredible and has far exceeded our original expectations.

Mario added: "Our new PC850 represents a step change in the market and we expect that percussion diamond cores will become the new standard."

Unlike tungsten tipped cores, the PC850 minimises the amount of break-through at the rear side of the material. This is because it is the diamond segments rather than the impacting action that are doing most of the work, resulting in a cleaner, neater exit.

The new PC850 is available in the standard dry diamond core diameters, from 38mm through to 152mm, and comes with the usual Marcrist money back guarantee ensuring total satisfaction.

Marcrist International is a manufacturer of premium diamond products, supplying innovative solutions that carry performance and money back guarantees, allowing customers to 'experience the difference' with no risk.

For more information on the PC850 from Marcrist, telephone: 01302 890888.