BF750 115 x 22.2mm Fast Precision Blade

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  • BF750 115 x 22.2mm Fast Precision Blade
  • BF750 115 x 22.2mm Fast Precision Blade
  • BF750 115 x 22.2mm Fast Precision Blade
  • BF750 115 x 22.2mm Fast Precision Blade

BF750 Precision Turbo Cutting Blade, Premium Professional Fast Cut

RRP From £21.05 (£25.26 inc. VAT)

Ultimately fast precision turbo blade for all hard materials, bricks, concrete, reinforced concrete, natural stone

Application: Wet / Dry

Features & Benefits:

  • Our fastest precision turbo blade
  • Patented, armoured core for ultimate precision and stability
  • Semi-transparent so you can see the cut line
  • 10.5mm long life diamond rim
  • Noise reduced
  • Saves money because it cuts so fast
  • Vibration reduced
  • Dry or wet use

Technical Details

Guarantee This product is covered by our unique "Performance Guarantee" - The best diamond tool you have ever used or your money back! More Info
Speed/Life Rating A+-A
CE Standard EN EN 13236

Part No.




1126.0115.22 115mm 22.23mm £21.05 (£25.26 inc. VAT)
1126.0125.22 125mm 22.23mm £24.23 (£29.08 inc. VAT)
1126.0230.22 230mm 22.23mm £47.50 (£57.00 inc. VAT)
1126.0300.20 300mm 20.00mm £82.42 (£98.90 inc. VAT)
1126.0300.22 300mm 22.23mm £82.42 (£98.90 inc. VAT)
1126.0300.25 300mm 25.40mm £82.42 (£98.90 inc. VAT)
1126.0300.30 300mm 30.00mm £82.42 (£98.90 inc. VAT)


Keyless flange nut M14
5014.0043.M14 - £23.45 (£28.14 inc. VAT) - More Info >>

Can be used with:

Dependent upon your machine type & manufacturer depends on which bore, configuration, back-end, thread or drive you require.

Suitable for:

Building Materials, Extremely Hard Building Materials, Masonry, Cast Concrete, Concrete Pipes, Unreinforced Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Prestressed Concrete, Concrete, Hard Concrete, Beton 008, Granite And Natural Stone, Granite, Natural Stone, Class A Engineering Bricks, Block Pavers, Blockwork, Sandwich Materials, Concrete Roof Tiles, Dry Wall, Plasterboard