CD850 Ceramic Dril ? 5mm

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  • CD850 Ceramic Dril ? 5mm
  • CD850 Ceramic Dril ? 5mm
  • CD850 Ceramic Dril ? 5mm

CD850 AkkuMAX Professional Porcelain & Ceramics Drill, Revolutionary diamond and Widia tipped drill for all tiles ? however hard

RRP From £8.99 (£10.79 inc. VAT)

Self-centring, long life, high speed, self-cooling precision drill for the hardest of tiles including Grade 5 porcelain for high speed cordless drills 500 - 1200 RPM

Application: Dry

Features & Benefits:

  • Drills with pinpoint accuracy, no slip or wander
  • Self-cooling, no coolants needed
  • Low costs per hole drilled
  • Fast drilling speed
  • Long life of up to 15 - 20 holes in hardest porcelain and 130 holes in medium porcelain
  • Optimised for cordless machines

Technical Details

Guarantee This product is covered by our unique "Performance Guarantee" - The best diamond tool you have ever used or your money back! More Info
Speed/Life Rating
CE Standard EN

Part No.


Chuck Type


498.001.005 005mm HEX £8.99 (£10.79 inc. VAT)
498.001.006 006mm HEX £9.19 (£11.03 inc. VAT)
498.001.007 007mm HEX £10.99 (£13.19 inc. VAT)
498.001.008 008mm HEX £11.19 (£13.43 inc. VAT)


CD850 Ceramic Drill Twin Pack ? 6 & 8mm
498.501.001 - £14.45 (£17.34 inc. VAT)
1x 6mm 1x 8mm - More Info >>


Diamond Sharpening Stone
350.100.0006 - £9.00 (£10.80 inc. VAT) - More Info >>

Can be used with:

Dependent upon your machine type & manufacturer depends on which bore, configuration, back-end, thread or drive you require.

Suitable for:

Granite, Fibreglass, Tiles, Natural Stone Tiles, Tiles <20mm, Mosaic, Marble And Slate, Porcelain
cost per hole drill bit comparison