Angle Grinder Cutting Dust Guard

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  • Angle Grinder Cutting Dust Guard

CRDC125-T Ø 115mm (4 1/2 Inch) and Ø 125mm (5 Inch) Angle Grinder Cutting Guard and Dust Control Set, Transparent Precision Cutting and Dust Control Set. Converts any angle grinder into an efficient and dust free cutter

RRP From £49.50 (£59.40 inc. VAT)

Transparent housing for cutting tool visibility. Precision setting for controlled cutting depth. Contains: Cutting & dust control set, dust stud to connect vacuum cleaner, 4 connection sleeves for most angle grinder, 2 pin spanner, flange nut

Application: Dry

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect and cost efficient protection for precision cutting with angle grinders
  • Highly efficient dust control
  • Precision cutting depth control
  • Cost efficient set complete with everything needed to control dust efficiently
  • Transparent to enable precision cutting
  • Steel reinforced for durability

Technical Details

Speed/Life Rating
CE Standard EN

Part No.




1987.0000.001 115mm 0.812 £49.50 (£59.40 inc. VAT)

Can be used with:

Dependent upon your machine type & manufacturer depends on which bore, configuration, back-end, thread or drive you require.

Suitable for: