Dust Guard for Diamond Grinding & sanding

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  • Dust Guard for Diamond Grinding & sanding

Dust Control Grinding Guard, New Generation Grinding & Dust Control for Professional Users

RRP From £58.50 (£70.20 inc. VAT)

Ø 125mm & Ø 115mm Guard and Dust Control for grinding, sanding, polishing


Features & Benefits:

  • Fits all popular Ø 115mm (4 1/2 Inch) and Ø 125mm (5 Inch) grinders
  • Makes grinding safe and almost totally dust free
  • Allows dust free grinding up to the edge
  • 4 Axis movement keeps guard flat even on uneven surfaces
  • Height adjustable for grinding heads of differing build height

Technical Details

Speed/Life Rating
CE Standard EN

Part No.




1986.0000.001 0.694 £58.50 (£70.20 inc. VAT)
1986.0000.003 0 £79.50 (£95.40 inc. VAT)

Can be used with:

Dependent upon your machine type & manufacturer depends on which bore, configuration, back-end, thread or drive you require.

Suitable for: