MI750 115 x 22.2mm Fast Universal Blade

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  • MI750 115 x 22.2mm Fast Universal Blade
  • MI750 115 x 22.2mm Fast Universal Blade
  • MI750 115 x 22.2mm Fast Universal Blade
  • MI750 115 x 22.2mm Fast Universal Blade

Mi750 Exceptional Performance and Safety Diamond Cutting Disc, Ultimate long life and safe diamond concrete cutting blade for heavy duty users, cuts it all and fast!

RRP From £50.73 (£60.88 inc. VAT)

Cuts concrete, heavily reinforced concrete, steel concrete, masonry from soft to extremely hard

Application: Wet / Dry

Features & Benefits:

  • Our most indestructible, longest life and safest segmented diamond blade
  • Saves costs because of its enormous life and ability to cut everything fast
  • The Mi750 never lets you down
  • Patented armoured steel core for ultimate precision, stability and safety
  • Double laser welded
  • Exceptional long life
  • Self-centring
  • Self-cooling
  • Vibrations minimised
  • Noise reduced

Technical Details

Guarantee This product is covered by our unique "Performance Guarantee" - The best diamond tool you have ever used or your money back! More Info
Speed/Life Rating B-A+
CE Standard EN EN 13236

Part No.




1111.0115.22 115mm 22.23mm £50.73 (£60.88 inc. VAT)
1111.0125.22 125mm 22.23mm £53.06 (£63.67 inc. VAT)
1111.0230.22 230mm 22.23mm £108.39 (£130.07 inc. VAT)
1111.0300.20 300mm 20.00mm £183.35 (£220.02 inc. VAT)
1111.0300.22 300mm 22.23mm £183.35 (£220.02 inc. VAT)
1111.0300.25 300mm 25.40mm £183.35 (£220.02 inc. VAT)
1111.0300.30 300mm 30.00mm £183.35 (£220.02 inc. VAT)
1111.0350.20 350mm 20.00mm £228.32 (£273.98 inc. VAT)
1111.0350.22 350mm 22.23mm £228.32 (£273.98 inc. VAT)
1111.0350.25 350mm 25.40mm £228.32 (£273.98 inc. VAT)


Keyless flange nut M14
5014.0043.M14 - £23.45 (£28.14 inc. VAT) - More Info >>

Can be used with:

Dependent upon your machine type & manufacturer depends on which bore, configuration, back-end, thread or drive you require.

Suitable for:

General Purpose, Building Materials, Extremely Hard Building Materials, Masonry, Cast Concrete, Concrete Pipes, Unreinforced Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Extreme Reinforced, Prestressed Concrete, Concrete, Hard Concrete, Beton 008, Granite And Natural Stone, Granite, Natural Stone, Class A Engineering Bricks, Block Pavers, Indian Sandstone, Blockwork, Sandwich Materials, Screed, Asphalt, Concrete Roof Tiles, Class B Engineering Bricks, Facing Bricks, Lignacite Blocks, Dry Wall, Plasterboard, Clay Roof Tiles