MM850 ? 5x50/100 Multi Material Drill

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  • MM850 ? 5x50/100 Multi Material Drill
  • MM850 ? 5x50/100 Multi Material Drill
  • MM850 ? 5x50/100 Multi Material Drill

MM850 AkkuMAX Multi-material Drill, World leading drill bit quality for cordless machines and professionals

RRP From £4.89 (£5.87 inc. VAT)

Multi-material, multi-construction Drill for cordless machines. Drills everything … quick, clean, efficiently. Brick, block, concrete, natural stone, wood, tiles, plastics, fibreglass, aluminium, thin metals

Application: Dry

Features & Benefits:

  • World's first self-centring multi-construction drill … no slip or wander
  • Special cutting geometry for clean holes
  • Suitable for both rotary and percussion drilling
  • Revolutionary tip design for ultimate speed and life
  • World's only multi-material drill with 30 day money back guarantee
  • Exceptional cost saving
  • Hex bit and round shaft fits all cordless machines

Technical Details

Guarantee This product is covered by our unique "Performance Guarantee" - The best diamond tool you have ever used or your money back! More Info
Speed/Life Rating A-A+
CE Standard EN

Part No.


Chuck Type


496.001.005 005mm HEX £4.89 (£5.87 inc. VAT)
496.001.006 006mm HEX £5.49 (£6.59 inc. VAT)
496.001.007 007mm HEX £6.49 (£7.79 inc. VAT)
496.001.008 008mm HEX £6.78 (£8.14 inc. VAT)
496.001.010 010mm HEX £9.42 (£11.30 inc. VAT)
496.001.012 012mm HEX £11.90 (£14.28 inc. VAT)
496.001.014 014mm HEX £13.95 (£16.74 inc. VAT)


Precision Tile X Set
496.501.006 - £14.45 (£17.34 inc. VAT)
1 x TD850 6mm & 1 x MM850 6mm - More Info >>
Precision Tile X Set
496.501.008 - £16.95 (£20.34 inc. VAT)
1 x TD850 8mm & 1 x MM850 8mm - More Info >>
Speed Tile X Set
496.503.006 - £28.95 (£34.74 inc. VAT)
1 x PG750x 6mm & 1 x MM850 6mm - More Info >>
Speed Tile X Set
496.503.007 - £29.95 (£35.94 inc. VAT)
1 x PG750x 7mm & 1 x MM850 7mm - More Info >>
Speed Tile X Set
496.503.008 - £30.95 (£37.14 inc. VAT)
1 x PG750x 8mm & 1 x MM850 8mm - More Info >>
Speed Tile X Set
496.503.010 - £31.95 (£38.34 inc. VAT)
1 x PG750x 10mm & 1 x MM850 10mm - More Info >>
Tile X Set ? 5mm
496.504.005 - £11.45 (£13.74 inc. VAT)
1x TD850 ? 5mm 1x MM850 ? 5mm - More Info >>
Tile X Set ? 6mm
496.504.006 - £11.95 (£14.34 inc. VAT)
1x TD850 ? 6mm 1x MM850 ? 6mm - More Info >>
Tile X Set ? 7mm
496.504.007 - £13.45 (£16.14 inc. VAT)
1x TD850 ? 7mm 1x MM850 ? 7mm - More Info >>
Tile X Set ? 8mm
496.504.008 - £13.95 (£16.74 inc. VAT)
1x TD850 ? 8mm 1x MM850 ? 8mm - More Info >>
MM850 Drill Set
496.601.001 - £31.25 (£37.50 inc. VAT)
1 x 5mm, 2 x 6mm, 1 x 8mm & 1 x 10mm Drill Bits - More Info >>


Diamond Sharpening Stone
350.100.0006 - £9.00 (£10.80 inc. VAT) - More Info >>

Can be used with:

Dependent upon your machine type & manufacturer depends on which bore, configuration, back-end, thread or drive you require.

Suitable for:

General Purpose, Building Materials, Extremely Hard Building Materials, Masonry, Cast Concrete, Concrete Pipes, Unreinforced Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Prestressed Concrete, Concrete, Green Concrete, Hard Concrete, Beton 008, Granite And Natural Stone, Granite, Natural Stone, Class A Engineering Bricks, Block Pavers, Indian Sandstone, Blockwork, Sandwich Materials, Screed, Asphalt, Sheet Metal, Corrugated Sheet Metal, Concrete Roof Tiles, Class B Engineering Bricks, Facing Bricks, Lignacite Blocks, Dry Wall, Plasterboard, Copper, Fibreglass, Metal Ducting, Plastics, Plastic, PVC, Plastic Piping, Tiles, Natural Stone Tiles, Tiles <20mm, Clay Roof Tiles, Marble And Slate, Aluminium, Profiles, Laminates, Wood, Plywood, Chipboard, Polycarbonate

The new MM850 - One drill, multiple material

Designed for cordless and corded drills, with or without percussion and designed to maximise machine battery life - Experience the difference.

The Tip Technology

Cutting edge does not get damaged when used on percussion.

Purpose designed for cordless machines.

Marcrist MM850 Best tip technology

Self-centering... No slip or wander

Cutting geometry for a "clean hole"

Multi Purpose Features

High temperature braze guarantees maximum
life and reliability.

Flat flute for rapid stock removal and penetration
with and without percusssion

Bit fitting for use with impact drivers

Multi Purpose Drill Bit Features

Round shank for use of the drill in conventional chucks.

Hex shank to eliminate slippage in the chuck.

AkkuMAX Technology

The multi-functional MM850 is part of the Marcrist Akkumax range.

The "AkkuMAX" logo means Marcrist has purpose designed this product to optimise performance when used on battery powered machines.

This gives the customer more choice as they can use their existing:-

  • Cordless Drill
  • Combi Drill
  • Percussion Drill
  • Impact Driver
  • Drill Driver
All with or without percussion

AkkuMAX by Marcrist - optimised for cordless